Cutting Stack

• Support hard earned lean mass, avoid muscle catabolism
• Strip off fat mass increasing both fat mobilisation and oxidation
• Support training intensity and endurance

Cutting is a difficult time and means lower calorie intake, long cardio sessions and less energy to train, with all this effort you want to be 100 % sure that you‘re losing fat not muscle and still get the most from your training sessions. MULTIPOWER knows the problems and pitfalls of dieting and has formulated a range of products that used in synergy can be used to drive hardcore workouts and ensure effective muscle retention even whilst dieting hard.

Pure WHEY Isolate 100
Clean low fat, low carb source of high quality proteins and bio-effective peptides that can help support immune function that is harmed by low calorie intakes.


A specially formulated to drive training, ensure optimum levels of power, energy and endurance and stimulate recovery from training.


The most potently anabolic amino acids promoting muscle retention and the synthesis of new muscle protein.

A muscle sparing protein that can also be used by the body for energy

50 % Protein pack
For use in between meals when significant amounts of high quality protein are needed with low amounts of insolinogenic carbs or calorie dense fats.

Suggested usage
Pure WHEY ISOlate 100
In-between meals and after training if not using a higher carb tailored post workout supplement like.

One serving 30 minutes before training for optimum training intensity.

In between meals: to stimulate anabolic processes and to protect muscle as serum amino acid levels drop.
With meals: 15 mins before meals to amplify the anabolic properties of the meal or improve overall protein quality.
Peri training: to power training and stimulate muscular recovery via muscle tissue anabolism
Pre fasted cardio: to spare muscle.
Glutamine: Before and during a training session and with fasted cardio to spare muscle and provide a carb free source of fuel.